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You're Gonna Be Great

Completed: June 2021
Premise: A sequence I worked on during a month-long animation workshop with Animation Focus. With the help of my instructor, Jude Brownbill, I tackled an emotional sequence focusing on subtext in facial animation. Additional thanks to my co-worker, Chris Silva, for the additional notes after the workshop was concluded. 

Street Artist

Completed: December 2020
Premise: My finished assignment for AnimSchool's Facial Performance class. Focused on acting choices and creating appealing facial poses. Featured in AnimSchool's 2021 Animation Showcase.
Big thanks to my instructor, Michael Jahnke!

gen:LOCK Reel

Completed: February 2019

Premise: A couple sequences I worked on during the production of season 1 of Rooster Teeth's web series, gen:LOCK. I handled these sequences from pre-layout all the way to final animation. 

You, Not Me

Completed: May 2019

Premise: My finished assignment for AnimSchool's Character Performance class. With this one, I focused mostly on subtle acting choices. Shoutout to my instructor, Scott McWhinnie!

Not So Stealthy

Duration: 15 seconds

Completed: Spring 2018

Premise: This was an "obstacle course" assignment in AnimSchool's Body Dynamics class. The objective was to move the character through space, paying close attention to weight, timing, and appeal.