Completed: February 2019

Premise: A couple sequences I worked on during the production of season 1 of Rooster Teeth's web series, gen:LOCK. I handled these sequences from pre-layout all the way to final animation. 

Completed: July 2018

Premise: A test I completed at Vicarious Visions during my Cinematic Animator Internship. The assignment was to animate the full body over the course of two weeks. Vicarious Visions ended up sharing the video on their social media page before the World Cup Final, and it became their most liked and favorited post across the board. 

Duration: 15 seconds

Completed: Spring 2018

Premise: This was an "obstacle course" assignment in AnimSchool's Body Dynamics class. The objective was to move the character through space, paying close attention to weight, timing, and appeal.

Duration: 10 seconds

Completed: Summer 2017

Premise: In this personal project, I tried to improve on weight shifting, acting choices, and just facial performance overall. 

Duration: 20 seconds

Completed: Summer 2016

Premise: A test I completed with AnimSchool. The goal was to successfully animate a character walking to a stop. I took the liberty of having my character get nailed by a car after stopping in the middle of the road to *ahem* catch a zubat.