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After a man realizes he has Alzheimer's Disease, his wife's face begins to disappear, along with the memories of the life that they made together.

I made a film that takes on a first-hand perspective of a very scary disease because ultimately, I want to raise awareness. Alzheimer's Disease is a growing problem in our country. For over 150 years, doctors have had no idea how to stop it. By the year 2050, it is predicted that close to half of the older population could have it. By making this film, I hope to show the world that ALZ is a problem, but it's one that we could potentially come close to fixing if more money were raised to find a cure. Since the festival circuit has begun, the film has raised $1,150 for Alzheimer's Awareness.

WINNERDirect Short Online Film Festival

WINNER - Conscious Good Mindscape Film Festival

WINNER - Tryon International Film Festival

WINNERDirect Monthly Online Film Festival

BEST STUDENT FILMFeel the Reel International Film Festival

BEST ANIMATION - Feel the Reel International Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONStudent World Awards 2017


OFFICIAL SELECTIONMountain Shadow Film Society 2017


OFFICIAL SELECTIONSCAD 2017 Animation Juried Showcase

OFFICIAL SELECTION - F3 Frankly Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION - KINOfilm International Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Great Message International Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Gold Movie Awards Goddess Nike

OFFICIAL SELECTION - AnimazSpot International Animation Festival

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